About Me

This is a cumulation of all the blogs I have had in one place

I’ve been writing my musings for quite a few years now and it gives me perspective and helps me process things a lot easier

My musings can be quite cathartic as a means of release from the daily dilemmas of life’s complexities.

I try to write with perspective of overview about things that have transpired in my life or issues I have observed or interacted with.


At the moment I have two main pages which are  “In My Own Words” and “Sights and Scenes”


“In My Own Words”

Is essentially my musings and poetry written with the intent to challenge stereotype and perspective with an artistic license


“Sights and Scenes”

Is the way I have chosen to capture moments I have seen in the world around me, I’m really hoping you can share my views of the world around me. I don’t retouch most of my work which allows me to take better photographs.


Please take time to read and view through my postings

“Like” me, “Rate me” Leave a comment, share my thoughts with others…


Thanks for dropping by and I hope you pass by again soon



  1. Hi, I agree 100%! Writing down the musings as you call them, is so very cathartic. What would we do without the written word? Nice to find your work, will be browsing around, see whatcha got going on… 🙂


  2. Thanks PoetArt
    I think i’d walk the streets naked and scribble my thoughts down in sand so they can blow away and become part of the cosmos…..
    Thanks for taking time to stop by and comment, I’m digesting your work as well. 😉


  3. That’s right, blown back to where they came from. Thanks for reading my stuff too. 🙂


  4. fivereflections

    Nice to meet you – looking forward to reading…


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