Questions of Love

Why is it you don’t just speak of what’s on your mind?,

Can’t you see the further we drift the greater the rift creates a bigger divide…

What is it you see or have as expectations of me?,

where we ought to know intuitively the one and many ways to enable our growth..

How is it we are this close yet ever flailing far apart limping where we should be sprinting?,

taken to highs cherishing the notions of intimacy in our lives…

Where is the rapacious ravenous connection without hesitation?,

Instead of our stilted precarious pedantic palpitations with out of sync pulsations and no syncopation…

Who are these versions of ourselves that leaving us wondering?,

this person can only be an incursion on our precious present day time line

fixated by alternate realities crushing out delicate fantasies….

When is the scripting of negative first assumption going to be put to end?

So we can birth serene subtle solutions as we focus on being orientated to ease…

Are we both speaking to our audience of no one listening, living a reality that’s constantly limiting?,
Could we be etching our sins of misunderstandings into our skins living via the its never me but we misgivings?…

Here today, Stay tomorrow, Gone from sorrow, Alleviating pains deep-set in the marrow

The path chosen is determined by hope so we can cope to thrive and not just survive

© Seyi Awolesi  110720130814

Hope lives eternal


About CerebralCausality

I am an Architect, Photographer, Poet, Writer. I'd say a bit of a renaissance man. I love and imbibe creativity of all forms as it is the essence of life itself. Take a walk down the myriad process that invigorates my mind, be still for a spell and let my words dwell in your subconscious allowing you to intellectually copulate with me.

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