Space: Limbo


It’s okay to be in limbo.

Exploring the triumphs and failures… which left you aghast!

Pioneering and probing the consciousness of roles.

The palmed out fates and destinies with uncertain retribution

Sipping the inexcusable misfortunes of “sliding doors” situations

Main charitable decisions take play allowing for the common tune of

fates shallow laughter.

But there is a solution!

It’s okay to be in LIMBO.



The bidding of time,

The recline and decline of an unaccustomed feeling

Celluloid scenarios tapered with postcards of dwindled feelings.

Constant reminding of times once rich and feathered.

Thoughts wade!

The inappropriate unbalanced extinction of withered fixtures

“I can get it, It takes a little time”, for the wonderment of mankind’s kind.

Finding forgiveness and worrying if there will be flayed finds.


It’s okay to be in LIMBO.



Taking the high road with the comparison of life little failures,

in tow with you.

You begin anew with the views, no matter how blue they are true,

You begin anew.

Little feet splutter the retribution of time,

which has been spent, is put to past.

You begin anew!



It’s okay 2 B in LIMBO.




Just BE!



© Seyi Sage Awolesi… Wordsmith… 140021061998 Las Vegas Frontier hotel

(A flicker of past presents the future anew )


About CerebralCausality

I am an Architect, Photographer, Poet, Writer. I'd say a bit of a renaissance man. I love and imbibe creativity of all forms as it is the essence of life itself. Take a walk down the myriad process that invigorates my mind, be still for a spell and let my words dwell in your subconscious allowing you to intellectually copulate with me.

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