Sadness: Tragedy of Heart


Death… when it becomes you,
the choice of thought evades the instinct.
You then realize what it is like to be the one,
to love and lust after a presence that no longer exists.
Where does your passion lie and with whom does it breathe?

Lonely is what you demise and petrified you will be.
Understanding might be the feeling that you crave,
yet with a loveless heart you proclaim stability.
The will to tower and be unloved by A.N.Other,
you become the wanted who doesn’t want.

Anger must and will envelope you.
Unpredictability’s will share common ground with you.
Confusion only has to be a way out of this misery.
You want to need and be needed,
all passions of hatred will divulge the real self which you hide.

Is there any solution to being lonely?
Is the cold the only embrace I am entitled to?
Will there be A.N.Other?
I’m scared, I’m lost!

Remember me not for the joy that I brought,
but for the pain I Quenched.
Or remember me not.

The death of the imagination,
Last famous words!


© Seyi Sage Awolesi  Wordsmith  042310091995


About CerebralCausality

I am an Architect, Photographer, Poet, Writer. I'd say a bit of a renaissance man. I love and imbibe creativity of all forms as it is the essence of life itself. Take a walk down the myriad process that invigorates my mind, be still for a spell and let my words dwell in your subconscious allowing you to intellectually copulate with me.

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