Understanding the realities of fallacies fiction

This is more of a muddled thought process…
rather than a considered account of abnormal happenstance
I have often heard kindness is weakness or clichés to that effect, so here is quite possibly my last offering…


“Understanding the realities of fallacies fiction”


It all started with Sage then it progressed to Sages’s Causality
the cause and effect of manic mind thought process hedged in by hope
coming across refined pallets and focused mindsets
there seemed to be the sincerity of paced expectations as we all have wants that become needs
motivated by others rather than the one, while clinging to the bosom of serenity’s success, only caution feeds
Mildly judging the reactions to each others actions only to come up with non too flattering outcomes
Scantily clad mind games become the under-whelming reality because we are afraid
aspiring to the old-new synergy with hopes for vivid futures of 2.4 picket fence… “the fabulous life of ?..”


Who justifies an individuals dreams becoming the reality they dwell on?
Do we truly believe the path we chose to walk on is not dictated by the energy we put into wanting to walk on smooth ground
It never seems as though what we do is as bad as what we have done to us… think about it!
How many times have we said “never again” yet we face varying perspectives of the same situations
The excuse could be “I have never claimed to be….normal”
we deal with the non conforming conformists to find abnormal normalities
The definition of thought is marred by our uneven expectations and our fixation with control
yet the truth of dynamic duos are strewn all around us, so why fear?!


It went from Sage Causality to Cerebral Soul
the unsimple process defined by linking subconscious thoughts to intended stilled times
we make points to point out things only to subject ourselves to criticism of our own measures
Coming from a generation that hates its own reflection, we live in an age where we crave perfection
in this genre we carve our bodies to reflect protective protection
In not so many words we need inflection of situations
In other words we are dust in the wind of cross references for others notions
the casualties of causality are the outcomes jumbled up in the cosmic paths we cross hoping to find our lucky charms


“Dont speak…….. I know what you’re saying”
Still I wonder about how times came about for me to trade alter egos
slipping, falling… not being able to stand up with the sanity of sensibilities I had on the go
Like most, I hurt… have hurt others, mostly I turned against myself and couldn’t face my realities
To try visualising the justification would be a self-centred notion I do admit to my flaws and hold forth my paws
in the future hope of being able to see through the memories of dark that haunt me
no regrets to hold over, no upset to cause lack of composure, just faith to allow simplecomplexity
Being aware of the impact of my words, ways and its effects on my connection to others


It ends as potently as it started and in the blink of an eye we see nothing anymore
only if it were that simple… Honesty never is, it coagulates in the crevices of dire dark gray matter
but…. it does matter
Hope it does matter as the trade-off is nothing to write about.
My reality of fallacies fiction is being too scared to admit that I too need and need to be needed
so everyday is like a night spent sleeping rough not knowing what solace feels like anymore…
Screw the facade i hurt too… No!…. really I do
Maybe like my recent deceased I’ll only “be……” when I no longer exist.


© Seyi 221020061647
Praying for all our futures…. Hoping to have one. 
Please forgive… 

About CerebralCausality

I am an Architect, Photographer, Poet, Writer. I'd say a bit of a renaissance man. I love and imbibe creativity of all forms as it is the essence of life itself. Take a walk down the myriad process that invigorates my mind, be still for a spell and let my words dwell in your subconscious allowing you to intellectually copulate with me.

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