Ibid: A life independently dependent


It’s a wonder why you’d think of me not
I too could indulge me alone…thoughts aren’t bought
Life is left less while one feels like second best
Especially by the one you think about with present mindset
when they show through action a lack of interest
Choosing to place you by me is a choice

Witnessing the parables of minds debacle’s
Ex-communicating the notions of self-serving actions
Waking to the walking in the different served illusions
Fledgling the caustic memories of manufactured contusions
If only I too kept me to myself
Chose to share my world with none of yourself

Will it shower you with reasons to affirm
Your reasons to cling to unwarranted notions..
Where you focus on your outcomes positive
Leaving when you’re done with assisted outcome
Taking when you haven’t put in income
Succumbed to using undefined views as alter defined choosing

It’s a shame to know that we get used
By disclosing only abstractions of our truths
Turning real connections to waived interpretations
Designing the change to warrant haze
As the clutter becomes our only kicker
While we use it as our stutter to truth.

We hope for change from the deposit of fractured reels
As this life line suffers from the unneeded peels..
we seal our fate by not being brave like we say we should
Knowing that faith brings us a journey where we would…
See it to be the destined reality to be embraced
Leaving us far from the throes of being embarrassed

Let us live this life not harassed but as the purveyors
Of time empowered pioneers of productive progress
Leaving the regressive state of unknown fears
Blossoming in faiths illumination knowing our destinies
Have been written for the greatness of ages
Ibid is not our fate we are more than in the same space

Live life….giving without fear

© Seyi Sage Awolesi 143007032011

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About CerebralCausality

I am an Architect, Photographer, Poet, Writer. I'd say a bit of a renaissance man. I love and imbibe creativity of all forms as it is the essence of life itself. Take a walk down the myriad process that invigorates my mind, be still for a spell and let my words dwell in your subconscious allowing you to intellectually copulate with me.

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